“A New Paradigm of Education”

This book is a MUST READ for educators, parents and mentors.

It's a collection of stories, resources and insights written by eight educators, parents and psychologists.

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What does a new way of education look-like?
What’s not working in education anymore?
How can we all make changes to education to help our children and students?

This book provides insights from educators, psychologists, language coaches, parents and mentors, as interviews, stories and useful resources. It has solutions for the essential upgrading of educational settings, including world-schooling, mainstream schools, home-schools, colleges and TEFL/ESL education. A New Paradigm of Education, is an insight into how education can rapidly change to serve all students’ highest good, as well as a very overdue and necessary advancement of education as a whole. You will discover:

  • Valuing children for who they are
  • Helping students to fall in love with education
  • Holistic learning using EQ, IQ and Mindfulness
  • Upgrading curriculum to what’s needed today
  • Encouraging choice led-learning and making connections
  • Synchronizing teaching and learning
  • Concentrating on the gift each child possesses

A New Paradigm of Education honors the true intelligence that comes from inner knowledge, which has sometimes been missing in previous paradigms. Now, you can dig deep into these eight stories and find ways to improve how you choose to educate as the world changes!

“A New Paradigm of Education talks about the importance of bringing Mindfulness as the core value of education. Monique highlights the need for awakened education and explains why we must shift and adapt our teaching methods immediately to support the needs of children. She provides solutions and tools such as a meditation resource that is very useful. A must-read for anyone who cares about the future generation of children.”
Julie Blouin. Mindset Expert, Speaker and International Best-Selling Author.

“Monique has a strong heart for children. When we begun our work together, I saw directly into the depths of her vision. Accessing a powerful activation of her higher-consciousness, she activated her true mission and became unstoppable. I love how this book was birthed through a higher-consciousness as this is the key to a new paradigm on Earth. The interview questions are profound, and have the power to make radical changes for our world and children. The new paradigm of education is the future for our children” 
Mia Munro – The Human Re-Invention Academy. 

“As a veteran educator, the heart with which these educators are conscientiously addressing the need for long-overdue revamping in the approach to education is inspiring. I continually saw lack, discord, a need for a connection of body, mind and spirit. Many adults that have came from the old paradigm of education have found themselves living overall limited or unfulfilled lives; Monique Sayers’ vision for a new paradigm is exactly the wakeup the world needs.”
Holly Brunner: Teacher, Holistic Healing & Transformative Growth Coach.

About Monique

Monique Sayers is the visionary for A New Paradigm of Education which is a culmination of her life’s work as a passionate educator, mother, author and awakened meditation healer. She offers this vision to all of humanity to awaken and bring forth a new paradigm that will serve ALL students for their highest good. She an International Best-selling Author of “A Journey of Riches- The Attitude of Gratitude,” as well as “A New Paradigm of Education.”

Monique’s taught over 20,000 students from all over the world TEFL/English, Primary School and Online classes. She’s taught in classrooms across China, Bali, Uruguay and her mother country Australia. Monique also set-up free global online English classes for all students to access as she truly wanted to create accessible learning for all.

Her favorite classroom is the ocean and her greatest teacher is her daughter, Coral. She lives between Australia, Uruguay and Bali. As part of her service to the planet, she combines her background of teaching foundational skills combined with courses in meditation, visioning, and other new paradigm ways of learning. Monique is open for collaborating around projects that serve students or awaken people to a better life.

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